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After a long week juggling our busy schedules, balancing work and school, we definitely need to wind down! Of course visiting a spa would be ideal but sometimes, on a college budget, we just can’t afford the frills! This DIY list of ‘at home spa’ essentials will soothe and comfort your craving for relaxation.


Scented candles are an absolute must have when creating your at home spa. Lavender, vanilla, lemongrass, rosemary and mint are a few of the most recommended fragrances for aroma therapy that helps with calming and relaxation, but of course you can use any fragrance that comforts your senses.


Although scented candles are great for large rooms and creating mood lighting, essential oils last longer, are cost effective and chemical free.


You definitely can’t go wrong with a nice warm bubble bath. The warmer the water the better the relief. Hot baths are known to relieve tension and soothe aching muscles while the steam moisturizes the nasal passages and acts as a natural decongestant to relieve cold symptoms.


Some of the benefits of bath salts, when used in their purest, most natural form helps keep your skin smooth and soft. A warm epsom salt bath can also relieve muscle cramps, pain and inflammation.


Red wine? White wine? While soaking in your warm bath, why not enjoy your favorite drink. Release your inhibitions with some good ole wine or keep it pg-13 with some apple cider or indulge yourself in a hot cup of cocoa on those cold winter days.


You can never go wrong with a good old fashioned at home pedicure. You’ve been busy on your feet all week and they deserve a treat. Pick out your favorite color and let the therapeutic magic flow.

Never be afraid to pamper yourself! Its always good to reward your mind a body with some spa therapy.


The Daily Post | Pamper

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The G.O.A.T, Muhammad Ali, coined the phrase “float like a butterfly sting like a bee, the hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see” when he described his boxing style in 1964. Still known as Cassius Clay Jr., the underdog was matched against the then world heavy weight champion Sonny Liston where Clay won by a technical knock out. A year later, coming back as Muhammad Ali, he earned his place in boxing history as the greatest of all time becoming a role model for anyone with a passion and desire for success.

As an English major and aspiring novelist, I can appreciate Muhammad’s witty cleverness, also, in any ring one would always hope to be as agile and light as a butterfly while still having the penetrating zap of a bee. As a newbie publishing articles on a blog with barely any readers it can become quite easy to lose motivation, however in any endeavour it is always important to define one’s purpose. Initially, my Hello Mira Belle blog was created to form a portfolio and develop my article writing style for contemporary readers, yet I constantly find myself itching for followers and more readers. After a month of publishing, the support and advice from friends and family have done quite well to keep me going. Just like an agile butterfly, one’s success isn’t instantaneous, it has to crawl and spend time developing before it can crack out of it’s cacoon. Maybe this blog is my cacoon?

A photo by Mathias Reed.

Whether success is achieved by a technicality or determination of skill, fighting to the finish remains constant. I’m almost certain Muhammad Ali barely took any days off in pursuit of his greatness. And while I hate admitting that I’ve come close to giving up, why not make an article about it right? Just another daily post in my cocoon, determined to write my sting!


The Daily Post | Sting

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You’d think that long distance relationships have become much easier with all the advances in communication technology. Think about it, before the convenience of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or FaceTime, much of long distance romances depended on phone calls or emails and sometimes, it was only the simple hand written letter that kept love afloat. Much of the connections among millennials are being developed through double taps, likes, shares, retweets, follows and subscriptions.


Admit it, being part of the ‘look at me’ generation has made it quite easy for knowing someone to resemble knowing of someone. It’s true, you might be able to get the gist of a persons character, values and ideals based on the content of their page but that’s only if they’re actually willing to be open and genuine. When you meet someone for the first time, in getting to know each other, do you find yourself curious about their social media? Do you become curious about their posts, who their friends are and who the friends of their friends are? What pictures they posted 3 or 4 years ago? Do you get the urge to dig up all the dirt you can possibly find through their unequivocal, impulsive posts? Has social media tricked us into being inquisitive about a person instead of being interested in them?


We hardly ever leave room for anticipation anymore. We’d scroll through a person’s posts for a couple weeks and we’d think we know them. Instead, wouldn’t it be more nurturing to a genuine friendship if we’d take the time to learn about each other naturally? Maybe there is some correlation between the shortness of today’s relationships and the short span of time it takes to scroll through a persons life online. It’s the anticipation, the exciting beauty of suspense that holds our interest, which sets the perfect atmosphere for a relationship to flourish. Although social media may have alleviated a bit of the strain on long distance relationships, maybe social media is also the cause of the strain on long lasting relationships.


The Daily Post | Anticipate




The Daily Post | Priceless

Have you ever stopped to think about what you really value most in life? Not what has the most value, but the uncountable treasures that you wouldn’t trade for the world. Your education? Your family? Your children’s happiness? Your spirituality? There are so many things that come immediately to mind when thinking of priceless treasures, but after crawling out of the pits of depression, experience protests that peace of mind holds the most value in life.


We all have had some experience with sadness, whether directly or indirectly. Think back to a moment when you felt your lowest. Be it depressed, angry, disappointed, frustrated, unhappy; do you remember how exhausting that lack of level headedness was? Were you able to think clearly? Did you make appropriate decisions? Did your state of being affect those around you? Did you like the way your thought processes flowed when your mind was at its weakest? It must have been a challenge to come to terms with your inability to accept that you were not your usual self. Whatever caused your shift in emotions may have been the trigger–gaining weight, losing your job, flunking out of school, marital problems, being abused; but what haunts our mind the most is our inability to come to terms with our situation. We’re only human, of course losing a job will take a hit at our emotions, however, can we control these emotions? Can we ever experience experiences without being broken by barriers?

Have you ever seen the calm waters of the Nylon Pool off the coast of the tropical island of Tobago in the Caribbean? Peaceful knee high clear waters in the middle of the ocean bedded on oat white sand; seems unimaginable, maybe near impossible, but it does exist. Despite the surrounding shark infested rough waters, the Nylon Pool remains unaffected and constantly at peace. Shouldn’t we be able to train our minds to be uninterrupted by our unfortunate circumstances? Why should we let our rough waters disturb our peace of mind?


In the age of millennials when our minds are constantly at work–busy at school, busy at work, busy on our commute, busy on our social media, busy being social, busy being successful; we train our minds to think, rethink and overthink almost everything we do, so much so that it becomes automatic. So of course when we’re faced with a situation that causes discomfort our mind kicks into overdrive frustrating our sanity with figuring out how to be comfortable again. Our mind shouldn’t just be “comfortable” our mind should be allowed to bask in the everlasting bliss of peacefulness; seems unimaginable, maybe near impossible, but it can exist. We should always train our mind to relax, not to overthink, but to think less.


Meditation has been proven to stimulate peace and promote a sense of calmness and overall well being. Among those who practice the art of meditation, holds the ability to maintain composure and sustain level headedness in the face of emotional disfunction. Granted, successful meditation may not be accomplished on your first try, however it’s definaelty worth the effort. After all achieving a lifetime of peace will surely cost you far cheaper than a trip to the Nylon Pool.

  • plane ticket to Tobago – $496USD
  • boat ride to the Nylon Pool – $10USD
  • Peace of Mind – Priceless!


The Daily Post | Priceless


Time for a Change | I’m Getting Healthy

Weight-Scale-PNGStepping on the scale for the first time in 2 years was like opening a report card you know you tanked while still wishing for some divine miracle to magically work up the results you desire. It’s ironic that when I was a size 8 at 169lbs I would find the littlest reason to complain about my weight. Pointing out all the dimples on my butt and now, when I look in the mirror, my double chin screams “fatty!!!” My muffin top, armpit fat, bat wings and my chaffing thighs hate me every time I over eat, or even when I eat in general.

How did I get this big? When I think of my weight, every hour of every day, a barrage of questions that I can’t answer would bombard my mind. I’m not sure if it’s so much that I couldn’t answer them as much as it was my knowing the answer paired with my stubbornness to acknowledge and accept the truth. My jeans went from a size 8 to a size 10 and now I’m bursting out of my favorite size 12 extra stretch old navy jeans. Once upon a time I used to be a double D, but now, wearing 36GG, I don’t even look or feel like myself anymore. I would pretend that I was okay with my new body but why pretend anymore. I absolutely do not like the way I look or feel. These love handles do not love me and I don’t love them either!

Over the past two years, after a bad break up, I’ve depended on poor habits as a source of comfort and pleasure. I would wake up at 1am and have pancakes or a scrumptious bacon and egg sandwich, food became all I wanted all the time. Despicable! Now, thinking about it, I have been using food as rewards for the most trivial things. I got through a two hour class–food, I got through two hours at work–food, I got through my daily commute–food. Although I’d say my eating habits are kind of bad, I’ve heard of worse so I won’t be over critical about my meal choices. What I was guilty of, though, is extreeeeme laziness. Would you believe until about two months ago I used to lay down and eat? I was the ultimate Garfield.


I’d be so sleepy after a meal I’d have to take a 1 hour nap or I’d probably collapse. My food fatigue went from being occasional ‘itis’ to the inability to stay awake throughout the day like an average person. As I’m writing, I’m so disappointed in myself. As a teenager I’d practiced martial arts three days a week since the age of 12 up until I moved to New York at 21 for college. I’m 25 now, and you’d think it would have been easy to get back on track, but my interest in working out just didn’t exist anymore. I’m tired of being overweight, at 219lbs I’m what doctors would call obese! A change has to be made.

I’ve never been one to hop on the bandwagon or follow the latest trends, but I’ve been following a few fitness enthusiasts who all recommend, with results, three things, intermittent fasting, apple cider vinegar detox water and my least favorite, cardio. It’s 4pm and I just enjoyed my last meal of the day, I won’t be eating again until my next 4 hour food window tomorrow between 12pm and 4pm. It may seem extreme but I’ve seen a lot of youtubers rave about their results which I hope to have as well. My morning and night time routine involves a 16oz glass of apple cider vinegar water and if I’m really really hungry I’ll have a couple nuts or a piece of fruit. It’s a challenge going from eating to comfort cravings to eating for nourishment however I am determined to succeed. My biggest fight is usually at 2am or 3am when I used to have my late night snack but it’s really a battle for the mind. I realized at 3am I’m not hungry but bored, lonely and in need of emotional support. I find that a glass of water and binge watching YouTube videos of weightloss journey stories helps. I’m still working on fitting in a consistent cardio routine in my schedule but Rome wasn’t built in a day right? I’m taking it all in stride, accomplishing realistic goals, one day at a time.