GFX & Visuals

As a lyricist I tend to get a little metaphorical sometimes. In this black empowerment song I use “spilled milk” as a metaphor for racism and white on black crime that usually get excused and accepted because it would be recognized as a mistake. Whether it’s mistaken identity or saying they thought they saw a gun or saying they feared for their life, far too many times white people get away with actions that should be treated as a crime.
Ever had to struggle between who you know you are and who people expect you to be? Fighting the war of identity, especially queer identity, puts its soldiers in such a compromising position that it becomes quite easy to lose oneself since the world may never see you for who you truly are and you would never truly be who they want you to be.
During the height of the pandemic, being forced into loneliness, I was quickly reminded of that awkward space and time in my last relationship where we were stuck between a long distance three month “break” and an inevitable “break up” ultimatum.